List of yagyas


Who needs yagya?

  • All those who have any kind of wish or desire.
  • All those who wants help with dealing any kind of problem.
  • All those who wants to remove obstacles from their lives.
  • All those who wants life improvement.
  • Everyone can offer yagya regardless of tradition, culture or religion.

You can choose yagya for:

  • Enlightment
  • Peace of mind
  • Marriage or relationship harmony
  • Finding life partner
  • Improving quality of sexual life
  • Having a child
  • Starting new business
  • Business improvement
  • Money improvement
  • Quick or better recovery from illness
  • Promoting health and longevity
  • Defeating enemies
  • Passing exam
  • Removing obstacles
  • And many other things…

We do offer planetary yagyas and special yagyas:

Planetary yagyas for 9 planets:

  • Sun (Surya)
  • Moon (Chandra)
  • Mars (Mangal)
  • Mercury (Budh)
  • Jupiter (Guru)
  • Venus (Shukra)
  • Saturn (Shani)
  • Rahu (north node)
  • Ketu (south node)
  • Navagraha – this yagya is for all 9 planets. It is helpful when a person is under the negative influences of several planets.

Graha shanti – The malefic or retarding actions of significant planetary influences has traditionally been regarded as one of the prime causes for lack of success and disharmony within the home. This Puja is performed to appease and correct whatever planetary imbalances may be prevailing in one’s destiny. The primary process of the Puja involves a havan, or fire sacrifice for the primary planets. If a planet is not well placed in ones chart its shanti pooja/havan removes or reduces the negative effects and gives better results. Apart from that Graha shanti is desirable in case of severe Mangala dosha or Sadesati. During the dasa or antardasa of a planet if the planets graha shanti havan is performed one experiences better results. Apart from that, anyone desiring improvement in any particular aspect of life, like profession or health etc., can get the Shanti pooja/havan of the particular ruling planet for better results.

Special Yagyas:

  • Gayatri (chief of all mantras – equivalent to sun rays, for health, status, success)
  • Mahalaxmi (for money, love & harmony)
  • Ganesh-Laxmi (is known as God of luck – for business improvement & finding life partner, or staring any new venture)
  • Ganesh (for removing all obstacles)
  • Sadhe Sati Shanti (for removing evil effects of Saturn)
  • Kuja Dosha Shanti (for removing evil effects of Mars)
  • Kaalsarpa Yoga Shanti (for removing evil effects of one’s progress, release from bondage)
  • Mahamritunjaya (for longevity, health, release from bondage)
  • Rudrabishek (for fullness of life and averting dangers)
  • Rudram Chamakam (for immediate relief and fulfillment of wishes)
  • Kanakadhara (for immediate relief from financial problem)
  • Katyani (if someone is not getting married, or facing problems in marital life, or for finding a life partner)
  • Uma Maheshwari (for long and happy married life)
  • Kam Dev (for sexual life improvement)
  • Kamalatmika (for material and spiritual wealth and beauty, abundance, delight, pleasure, passion, ability to give and receive love) 
  • Santana Gopala (for getting pregnant)
  • Maha Kali (for removing evil effects of Saturn and Rahu, and for protection)
  • Sarasvati (for wisdom, education, intellect, arts)
  • Durga – Navaratri (for 9 aspects of mother divine – 9 days special yagyas are done)
  • Tara (for peace and protection)
  • Tripura Sundari (for removing daridra yoga, misfortune, debt problems, malefic effect of Mercury, problem of conceiving baby, and for beauty)
  • Hanuman (for protection from evil eye and curses)
  • Pitru angarak (for removing karmic debt of the Ancestors which the person having Pitra dosh in his horoscope is supposed to pay)
  • Vastu (for removing vastu dosha)
  • Birthday yagya (for protection, prosperity, happiness and health for the year to come, and is good also for removing obstacles)
  • Everyday yagya (this yagya is performed every day for a year)
  • Yagya for country
  • Yagya for world peace
  • And other yagyas by demands.

Special yagyas function best if they are done after planetary yagyas, because planets must support them.

Yagyas are lasting about 3 hours. Fire haven between 30 minutes and 1 hour, depends about how many other yagyas are offered.

Donation for pundits depends if yagya is done with 5, 11 or 21 pundits, also depends what kind of yagya is performed, then how many times is mantra repeated (125.000x, 100.000x, 75.000x or 51.000x)…

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