What is yagya


The Sanskrit word Yagya is originated from the Sanskrit verb – YAJ = to do fire sacrifice. Yagya is in fact a combination of rituals recommended by Veda and Vedic Scriptures. These rituals include Hawan or Fire Sacrifice, Japa or Recite of a particular quantity (like 125000 times) of a Particular Mantra which is either from Veda or from a scripture derived from Veda. These Vedic Mantras are perfect in rhythm and therefore very effective in generating fast energies for the purpose that help targeted person to get healed or helped by nature.

The Yagya (also called as Yajna or Yagna) refers to Vedic Rituals those are performed as per the procedure scripted in Vedas and are performed with or without an intention. Yajurveda is all about Yagyas. In old era, Yagyas were a part of daily-life of sages and devotees. However big Yagyas were performed occasionally by virtually everyone including Gods and even by devils who also achieved power by Yagya. The intentions of that power were however different. Yagyas were also performed on great scale by the kings and emperors since thousand of years and various yagya were performed by kings to achieve there success.

Anusthan: A Powerful Opportunity For Spiritual Progress


Anu means firm. Sthan means place, or residence — the original place of residence of the Lord. When one performs the following activities with firm conviction, that is an anusthan. Become aware of the qualities of the place of the Lord; adopt as many qualities of the Lord as you can while simultaneously cutting yourself off from worldly activities. Make an independent place to perform good deeds of divine nature or to establish a relationship between your soul and the Lord. Sit with a firm determination to worship any form of the Lord, or do japa, read the scriptures, etc. Do these for a period of time you have fixed beforehand. It is very critical to select a spot from where the asan cannot be moved. Only then is the anusthan accepted.

Parts of Yagya-Anusthan

Sankalp – As every sound exists in this universe, this sound also moves in the universe and influences the person for whom the Yagya is being performed. We call it Sankalp. In Sankalp we individualize the effect of Yagya and Mantra. In this Sankalp, The Pandit speaks the person’s name, gotra and all particulars including birth details to make him unique. In other words, Sankalp is like an address to be written on a letter.

Aarti – A ritual done by Deepak moving around God, taking his obstructions away (in fact, we pray God also as friend, father, child & Guru). In all these emotions, we take care of his problems too. Normally we sing his prayer while doing aarti. “Om Jay Jagadish Hare” is a popular prayer.

Japa – It is recite of a mantra. These mantras can be either Vedic or from Puran and have their particular results. One mantra has sometimes more applications. For example, Mahamrityunjay Mantra has 7 applications – Rananjaya (victory), Dhananjaya (wealth), Shatrunjaya (Enemy), Mritunjaya (Danger), Vyadhinjaya (Illness), Aadhinjaya (Psychics), Kalanjaya (Short longevity).

Hawan – In a hawan or homa, the Pundit or the client puts some specific materials in fire for many thousands of times after speaking a particular mantra for a particular purpose. It generates a cosmic energy to the attending person as well as believably also to God to maintain his entire creation. Scientifically, the hawan materials purify the atmosphere as well as these help in bringing rain. Basically hawan is done in all small or big puja’s but in a Yagya the quantity of homa gets much higher. For example in a puja the quantity is 108 while a Yagya gets quantity like 125,000.

Stotra – Path – Path is the reading prayers of God / goddesses for particular purposes. These paths contain several or several thousands of Vedic Verses and can take 1 to 1000 minutes depending upon the application of rituals. Normally Pandits read it from books but some people know it by tong. A Stotra is normally the prayer of a particular god for a particular purpose. For example Lord Shiva has hundreds of prayers, some for being prosperous, some for getting married and some for saving life.

About work of the Yagya-Anusthan

A Yagya performed with Yagya-Anusthan, means a combination of these many rituals, and is specially combined for a particular (positive) purpose. Therefore, a Yagya with us is always many more times bigger and has more capacity, than normally performed Yagyas, and traditionally considered special. Our specialty is the quality of work that we do. We look for most powerful transformation that makes our client feel the effect of the Yagyas. We not only perform the yagya, but let our client be aware about all the aspect about it. We make sure the client understand what the best yagya performance for him is or her, and what is the impact of those mantras have on life and home. Our work is to provide all best possibilities to our client, to positively transform, to help feel the power of Vedic vibration.

Vedic Approach to Health is group organized to provide compliete information to get healthy and happy, and create world peace, aware people about the natural life style.